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The Democratic leadership is neither

For months – years, even – we liberal and moderate Democrats have been calling on the Democrats in Congress to call the President and his party to task! We’ve written our Representatives, our Senators, asking them to show some damned spine, to act like something other than Republican-lites.

And what do we get for that? On one hand, we have Russ Feingold. He said no to the AUMF when every other Democrat was busy holding hands and singing ‘God Bless America’ with the Republicans. He came out this week and said the President broke the law – and plans to continue breaking the law – and should be censured.

We also have John Murtha who stood up and said we needed to redeploy our troops over the next year. He said our Army was being broken, and that Iraq was in a state of civil war.

There are others, but they’re few and far between.

On the other hand, we have every other Democrat who doesn’t stand up and support a member of his/her party. Harry Reid? Nancy Pelosi? Hillary? Where the hell is the ‘leadership’? What the hell are you so goddamned scared of??

Once again, it’s a case of the leadership wanting to ‘keep the powder dry.’ Guess what, morons? November is 8 months away, and instead of consolidating your base, you’re pushing it away! At some point, you have to stop being cowards and start fighting back. If you’re not going to fight, if you’re just going to ‘kumbaya’ with the Republicans, I have a message for you: Get the hell out of the way, and let someone who will fight take your seat!!

All of you Democrats need to start working together now, jumping on the President and the Republicans with both feet. Especially when they’ve given you so damn much ammunition:

Abramoff, 2300+ US troops killed, civil war in Iraq, illegal wire-tapping, cuts to aid programs, cuts to veterans benefits, New Orleans, Frist’s SEC problems, DeLay’s indictment, Cunningham’s guilty plea, Congressmen under investigation, oil companies reaping huge profits as families spend record amounts to heat their homes, 34 million without health insurance, 40 million living in poverty, to name a few.

But wait! There’s more: Dubai and our ports, tax cuts for the wealthy, businesses cutting jobs and out-sourcing, faith-based initiatives….it just goes on and on.

Scooter Libby, the outing of an undercover CIA operative, Jeff Gannon, lies about Saddam’s WMD capabilities, lies about the Saddam/Al-Qaida connection…
Liberal and moderate Democrats are FED UP with the Congressional Democrats. We are tired of watching Republican-lites fritter away every advantage and acting like wusses. We are more than willing to donate to folks like Ned Lamont and Ciro Rodriguez, not only to get them on the ballot, but to send a message to the so-called Democratic Leadership:

We have had enough of this!

We want true representatives, not DC insiders who are more willing to play footsie with the Republicans that confront them on the issues.


March 15, 2006 - Posted by | Bush, Democrats, FEMA, Politics

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