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PA attacks 1st Amendment

As Desi at Mia Culpa says: It’s started.

From yesterday’s Philadelphia Inquirer:

In an unusual and little-known case, the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office has seized four computer hard drives from a Lancaster newspaper as part of a statewide grand-jury investigation into leaks to reporters.

The dispute pits the government’s desire to solve an alleged felony – computer hacking – against the news media’s fear that taking the computers circumvents the First Amendment and the state Shield Law.

The state Supreme Court declined last week to take the case, allowing agents to begin analyzing the data.


The grand jury is investigating whether the Lancaster County coroner gave reporters for the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal his password to a restricted law enforcement Web site. The site contained nonpublic details of local crimes. The newspaper allegedly used some of those details in articles. If the reporters used the Web site without authorization, officials say, they may have committed a crime.

So, this is where we stand in 2006, nearly 230 years after declaring our independence from Mad King George III: The Constitution is being shredded, one amendment at a time.

By another Mad King George.


March 14, 2006 - Posted by | First Amendment, Pennsylvania

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