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Roots – PA: Two questions for Arlen Specter

It all comes down to just two questions:

(1) Does the President have the right to ignore any law he chooses solely on the basis that it is necessary to fight the war on terror?

And if so,

(2) What is the point of having a Congress if the President can ignore any law they make?

Here’s a refresher civics lesson (courtesy of my daughter): There are three branches of government, each acting as a check on the other two. This was done by the Founding Fathers because they’d understood the dangers of allowing one man to have sole power over a nation, who could make and break laws at will. (Remember King George III?).

Unitary Executive?! Believe me, the Founding Fathers sure wouldn’t have gone for that. The Republicans can argue it all they want, but the system was specifically designed so that all three branches had equal power.

Considering that the Constitution was written after the Revolutionary War, you’d think they would have written the Unitary Executive crapola into the powers of the President – if they wanted any President, in his capacity as Commander-In-Chief, to have sole power to pick and choose the laws he would follow.

Just sayin’….


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