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What is Frist on?!

Was Bill Frist so excited about his straw poll win over John McCain that his brain stopped working, or does he actually believe this stuff?! ThinkProgress has the video.

Speaking with George Stephanopolus, good ol’ Bill, the [ethically-challenged, video-diagnosing, multi-award winner of the ‘Biggest Idiot of the Week’ Prize] Republican Senator from Tennessee had this to say in response to Sen. Russ Feingold’s call for the Senate to censure President Bush:

STEPHANOPOULOS: You heard Senator Feingold there. He wants Democrats and Republicans to come together on the censure resolution he’ll introduce tomorrow. I can’t imagine you’re going to support that.

FRIST: George, what was interesting in listening to my good friend, Russ, is that he mentioned protecting the American people only one time, and although you went to politics a little bit later, I think it’s a crazy political move and I think it in part is a political move because here we are, the Republican Party, the leadership in the Congress, supporting the President of the United States as Commander in Chief, who is out there fighting al Qaeda and the Taliban and Osama bin Laden and the people who have sworn, have sworn to destroy Western civilization and all the families listening to us. And they’re out now attacking, at least today, through this proposed censure vote, out attacking our Commander in Chief. Doesn’t make sense.

*snicker, snicker….snort*

[cue theme music] [cue video of cape flapping in the wind]

Voiceover: FASTER than a speeding tricycle, SMARTER than your average two-year-old, TOUGHER than a piece of sponge-cake….It’s SUPER-GEORGE!

Single-handedly saving the United States from terrorists around the world while still making it home to bed by 9!

*chuckle….hysterical laughter….falling on the floor…*


March 12, 2006 - Posted by | Bush, Impeachment, Politics, Republicans

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