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Joe Klein on Chris Carney

Chris Carney is the Democratic challenger for PA’s 10th District seat currently held by Rep. Don Sherwood (R).

From Joe Klein in Time Magazine:

This is Karl Rove’s worst nightmare: a large crowd has gathered in a restaurant in the small town of Montrose, Pa., on a sunny Sunday afternoon in February to listen to the Democratic candidate running in the 10th Congressional District, a rural conservative bastion considered “safe” for Republicans. The candidate, Chris Carney, is soft-spoken and well informed. The audience is enthusiastic and predominantly Democratic, but peppered with Republicans who seem every bit as angry about the Bush Administration as do the Democrats. One man, dressed in a jacket and tie, stands up and confesses he’s a lifelong Republican who can’t vote for Bush because of his ‘fiscal irresponsibility.’ Another Republican, a prohibitively large corrections officer named Gary Morgan, tells me he’s disgusted by the way Bush has prosecuted the war in Iraq and by his party’s ‘culture of corruption.’ He’s impressed by Carney, a Navy Reserve intelligence officer who is also a college professor. ‘It’s nice to be able to vote for somebody with honor and integrity, and a veteran.’ (emphasis mine)

Carney is no left-wing bomb thrower; he is a pragmatic moderate. Before the war began, he specialized in studying Saddam’s ties to regional terrorist groups. ‘There were no links to 9/11,’ he told me. ‘But there were plenty of other contacts with terror groups. I always thought that was a better argument for the war than weapons of mass destruction.’

Carney’s politics pretty accurately reflect the views of most Iraq combat veterans running as Democrats. They are not so much antiwar as anti-Bush, furious about the lack of preparation for the war, the insufficient troop levels, the lousy equipment. ‘I served in Kosovo and had an up-armored humvee,’ says Jon Soltz, the director of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America political-action committee. ‘Then I served in Iraq and had a humvee that wasn’t armored. I lost one soldier I sent on a convoy without armor. You don’t forget something like that.’

Where Chris Carney stands on the issues:

Supporting Our Troops & Our Veterans
As one who serves, Chris strongly disagrees with the Bush administration cutbacks on benefits for veterans, the National Guard, and Reserves. He will fight to restore and expand benefits for our veterans. To do otherwise would be dereliction of duty.

Fixing Healthcare
As the most powerful nation on Earth, we have a moral obligation to ensure all citizens have access to quality healthcare. Chris will work tirelessly to bring healthcare benefits to the 45 million Americans that have no health care coverage.

Ensuring Medical Freedom
With the advice of their doctors and the counsel of their families and of their faith, Chris believes Americans have the right to make their own medical decisions. In order to make informed decisions, individuals need access to complete and accurate information about prescription drugs and medical treatments. Government should enable good decision making, not legislate private action.

Read more here.


March 12, 2006 - Posted by | PA 10th District, Pennsylvania, Politics, US Military, War


  1. “Another Republican, a prohibitively large corrections officer named Gary Morgan, tells me he’s disgusted by the way Bush has prosecuted the war in Iraq and by his party’s ‘culture of corruption.’”

    If Gary Morgan is a Republican, then I’m the Pope.

    Comment by Joe | May 27, 2006 | Reply

  2. You’ll have to take it up with Joe Klein. It’s his article I’m quoting.

    Comment by PA_Lady | May 27, 2006 | Reply

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