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Tennesee Joins The War On Women

egalia at Tennessee Guerilla Women writes about today’s third reading of SJR-127 in the Tennessee Senate:

This morning the rabidly conservative State Senate voted Aye on SJR 127 – the resolution they hope will one day outlaw abortion in Tennessee. SJR 127 permits no exceptions for rape, incest or even to save the health or life of a woman. Today was the Senate’s third reading of SJR 127, the resolution that would amend the State Constitution.

The vote: 24 Ayes and 9 Nayes.


Senator David Fowler (R) is the misogynist responsible for SJR 127. Fowler has been trying to outlaw abortion in this state at least since 2001. You might say he is obsessed with the project of controlling women.


Sen. Rosalind Kurita … is a nurse. She named a number of diseases that threaten the health of pregnant women and asked Evil David Fowler if he is knowledgeable about the diseases.

Sen. Fowler (615-741-1764) said he ‘knows what it is to be pregnant,’ but doesn’t know anything about the diseases that threaten pregnant women.

Rosalind Kurita said that the way to prevent abortions is to eradicate poverty and provide childcare.

The women in the balcony broke the rule and responded with thunderous applause.

Evil Senator Finney addressed Sen. Kurita: ‘Where does it say this resolution prevents abortion?’

Kurita: ‘Sen. Finney, Just what do you think is the purpose of this resolution?’

The women in the balcony responded with unrestrained laughter. …


March 9, 2006 - Posted by | Abortion, Politics, Reproductive Rights, War On Women

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