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Surprise, Surprise


Just a day after the House Appropriations Committed voted to block the deal, Dubai Ports World announced today that it will divest itself of all American interests. The Associated Press has the story.
To re-cap:

The Republicans seemed to be distancing themselves from their previous position as the White House Rubber-Stamp Squad, especially after:

Preznit Half-Wit promised to veto any legislation blocking the ports deal (his first ever) which made the:

Democrats look tougher on national security for a change.

However, it turns out that, just like with the Intelligence Committee hearings, a back-room deal was being brokered. Now the Preznit won’t have to go through with his veto threat. The Republicans both have a little more spending capital for the mid-term elections. The Democrats look as sissified as ever. Nice job of working as a group…not.

And, we get an American company to be in charge of our ports. Uh-huh….

Halliburton, anyone??


March 9, 2006 - Posted by | Bush, Dubai, Politics, Ports, United Arab Emirates

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