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The War on Women Continues

Mississippi has joined South Dakota in its War on Women, with state legislators passing a Rapists’ Rights Bill. Gov. Haley Barbour says he will likely sign the bill even though it provides no exceptions for rape or incest. See the AP report here, and firedoglake’s reaction here.

And in Utah – a redder-than-red state – molesting fathers have more rights than the daughters they impregnate. And fetuses have more rights than the women they inhabit.

From the Salt Lake City Tribune: Incest is no exception to a father’s right to know what’s going on in his daughter’s life.

That was the message from Utah lawmakers who refused Monday to make an exception for incest victims in a proposed law that would require parental consent and notification before a girl’s abortion.

Utah wants to change its law – from requiring a physician to notify both parents, to notifying one of a minor girl’s parents 24 hours before she has an abortion. The law also allows for a girl – whose pregnancy is the result of incest – to go to court to avoid parental consent, but there is no exception to the notification. Doctors are still required to report it to one or the other parent – even if she is pregnant as a result of incest.

Sadly, some of the state representatives are so feeble-minded that they don’t understand why this might be a problem. One even said it’s the female’s fault for having sex and thus she should have to suffer the consequences.

West Jordan Republican Sen.Chris Buttars scoffed at McCoy’s suggestion that the legislation might force teens to other states for abortions or into their bathrooms to attempt the procedure on themselves.

“Abortion isn’t about women’s rights. The rights they had were when they made the decision to have sex,” Buttars said. “This is the consequences. The consequence is they should have to talk to their parents.” (emphasis mine)

Apparently, even rape and incest are her fault, and she must be punished through forced childbirth.

Digby says: I find this refreshing. These Republicans admit that women give up their rights when they have sex. Good to know. And they believe a child-molesting father’s parental rights are more important than the daughter he impregnated. Also good to know.


March 3, 2006 - Posted by | Politics, Religion, War On Women

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