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Rahm Wants Your Support….and your money

Update: (3/2) Wow! I actually received a reply.

Dear [PA Lady],

Thank you for your comments and we certainly understand your frustration. We hope that over the coming weeks and months we can prove to you our commitment to a strong message, firm convictions, and a truly new vision for America. We have no problem with you wanting to wait until you see a new Democratic Party before joining our Campaign for Change; we just hope that you’ll pay attention to our efforts and, if we can change your mind, that you’ll join in as we attempt to take back the House next November.


DCCC Action Team

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I received an email today from Rahm Emanuel, Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Here’s an excerpt:

Dear [PA Lady],

Nine Of The Ten Most Vulnerable House Seats Are Held By Republicans. We Can Win This November. Support Our Grassroots Campaign Today!

The Republicans’ hold on Washington, D.C. is slipping and I can
feel the momentum building towards a Democratic victory this November.

The irresponsible and incompetent policies of Bush and the Rubber Stamp
Congress are placing America’s future at risk …

We have an Administration more interested in using 9/11 as a political issue than taking real steps to secure our ports and borders. We have a Congressional leadership that’s afraid to ask the corporate special interests to harden potential terrorist targets like nuclear and chemical plants. The courageous men and women of our armed forces are engaged in a poorly planned war, ill equipped and poorly supplied and serving without the benefit of a clear exit strategy.

And, real American values that reward hard work, foster personal integrity and honor individual sacrifice for community and country are mocked, belittled and held in contempt by corrupt Republicans and the “greed-is-good” philosophy that rules in today’s Republican-dominated Washington, D.C. (…)

Interspersed throughout were the usual pleas for money.

This was my response:

Dear Mr. Emanuel,

Where HAVE you been?? The current Congressional Democrats, with few exceptions, are as much a part of the “Rubber Stamp Congress” as the scandal-ridden Republicans!

Where were the Democrats during the Roberts nomination? During the Alito nomination, when a huge public outcry attracted the attention of 25 Senators?

Where were those spineless Congressional Democrats when the AUMF was approved? Where were they when it came to light that there weren’t – and never had been – any WMDs in Iraq?

Where were they when John Murtha stood up and said it was time set a withdrawal timetable to bring our troops home? Where were they went the Republican spin machine went into overdrive, smearing this patriotic and honorable Marine?

Spineless, gutless, yellow-bellied morons. Too busy ‘going along to get along’ to remember their constituents.

Be afraid, Mr. Emanuel, be very afraid. It’s time for a Congress that listens to its citizens WITHOUT checking to see which way the wind is blowing. A Congress that realizes it more than the president’s lackey.

Like many others, I will donate directly to specific candidates that I feel represent my interests and those of other voters. Ned Lamont and Ciro Rodriguez among others.

I will not spend a single cent helping a group that has done NOTHING to help America.

Sincerely yours,
[PA Lady]


March 1, 2006 - Posted by | Politics

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