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It’s The War On Women, Stupid

Democratic Talking Points Oracle appears to MJS as a Schematic Drawing of a Vagina. Read the whole article here.

SDV: Whatever. Let’s review: Progessives need to talk about abortion, about birth control, and how those who are against abortion are, by and large, also against birth control, which means they don’t care about the fetus as much as they do about what a woman does with her own body.

MJS: I’m not saying you look like a…

SDV: Talk about sperm, and if we outlaw abortion, what about all that sperm that men issue that never meet an egg? Is not a half of a blastocyst also sacred? If it isn’t, and it has no moral value, but an egg does, then women are actually superior in relative moral value to a man! Women should then be deciding what men can do, and cannot do, with their penises. Make the dialogue go down these weird alleys, allow it to speed along into the absurdities that follow when we treat women’s reproductive organs as governable while men’s organs are not subject to the same controls.

MJS: So, talk bluntly, in detail—but isn’t that what anti-abortionists do when they describe late-term abortions and the violence and suffering visited upon the fetus?

SDV: Some people may not be up to speed on this, but just so you know: a woman’s body is her own. If it’s not, then your sister, your wife, your mother belong to the state. The images used that depict late-term abortions are powerful, but the same people who use those won’t look at images of children killed in Iraq, or soldiers faces blown off, so go into that disconnect and put the two together. Remember: these people are not pro-life, they’re Pro War on Women.” (emphasis mine)


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