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Email SD State Representatives

South Dakota State Representatives

Jamie Boomgarden
Jim Bradford
Thomas J. Brunner
Michael Buckingham
Joni M. Cutler
Justin J. Davis
Thomas J. Deadrick rep.
H. Paul Dennert
Joel D. Dykstra
Burt Elliott
Bob Faehn
Larry Frost
Art Fryslie
Cooper Garnos
David B. Gassman
Margaret V. Gillespie
Mary Glenski
Thomas J. Glover
Tom Hackl
Pat Haley
Clayton Halverson
Alan Hanks
Dale Hargens
Jeffrey K. Haverly
Phyllis M. Heineman
Thomas Hennies
Thomas R. Hills
Gordon K. Howie
Jean M. Hunhoff
Roger W. Hunt
Barry Jensen
Gary Jerke
Ted A. Klaudt
Al Koistinen
Elizabeth Kraus
Shantel Krebs
Michael W. Kroger
Gerald F. Lange
Alice McCoy
Ed McLaughlin
Matthew Michels
Kathy Miles
Casey Murschel
Paul Nelson
Al Novstrup
Sean M. O’Brien
Ryan P. Olson
Gordon R. Pederson
Deb Peters
J.E. “Jim” Putnam
Val Rausch
Tim Rave
Larry Rhoden
Elaine Roberts
Tim Rounds
Donna Schafer
Lou Sebert
David Sigdestad
Steve Street
Bill Thompson
Larry Tidemann
R. Shawn Tornow
Charles M. Turbiville
Paul Valandra
Don Van Etten
Bill Van Gerpen
Thomas J. Van Norman
Mike Vehle
Keri K. Weems
Hal G. Wick
Mark K. Willadsen


February 27, 2006 - Posted by | Politics, Religion, War On Women

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    google like it?

    Comment by peter | August 15, 2006 | Reply

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