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Email SD State Representatives

South Dakota State Representatives

Jamie Boomgarden
Jim Bradford
Thomas J. Brunner
Michael Buckingham
Joni M. Cutler
Justin J. Davis
Thomas J. Deadrick rep.
H. Paul Dennert
Joel D. Dykstra
Burt Elliott
Bob Faehn
Larry Frost
Art Fryslie
Cooper Garnos
David B. Gassman
Margaret V. Gillespie
Mary Glenski
Thomas J. Glover
Tom Hackl
Pat Haley
Clayton Halverson
Alan Hanks
Dale Hargens
Jeffrey K. Haverly
Phyllis M. Heineman
Thomas Hennies
Thomas R. Hills
Gordon K. Howie
Jean M. Hunhoff
Roger W. Hunt
Barry Jensen
Gary Jerke
Ted A. Klaudt
Al Koistinen
Elizabeth Kraus
Shantel Krebs
Michael W. Kroger
Gerald F. Lange
Alice McCoy
Ed McLaughlin
Matthew Michels
Kathy Miles
Casey Murschel
Paul Nelson
Al Novstrup
Sean M. O’Brien
Ryan P. Olson
Gordon R. Pederson
Deb Peters
J.E. “Jim” Putnam
Val Rausch
Tim Rave
Larry Rhoden
Elaine Roberts
Tim Rounds
Donna Schafer
Lou Sebert
David Sigdestad
Steve Street
Bill Thompson
Larry Tidemann
R. Shawn Tornow
Charles M. Turbiville
Paul Valandra
Don Van Etten
Bill Van Gerpen
Thomas J. Van Norman
Mike Vehle
Keri K. Weems
Hal G. Wick
Mark K. Willadsen


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Email SD State Senators

According to the SD Legislative Research Council’s website, one can send email directly to each State Senator and Representative by using the following: or The problem I’ve found is that there are two senators with the same last name – Sutton – and I’ve no clue how the LRC differentiates between the two. But here’s the list I made up using that information and a list of names.

Let these folks know that a boycott of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally will have a strong negative impact on businesses in South Dakota – and in turn will mean a drop in state sales tax revenues.

South Dakota State Senators

Gene Abdallah –
Stanford M. Adelstein –
Jerry Apa –
Julie Bartling –
Eric H. Bogue –
Mike Broderick –
Thomas A. Dempster –
Jay Duenwald –
J.P. Duniphan
William F. Earley
Jason M. Gant
Bob Gray
Brock L. Greenfield
Tom Hansen
Gary D. Hanson
Jim Hundstad
Dick Kelly
Frank J. Kloucek
Dave Knudson
Gil Koetzle
Clarence Kooistra
John Koskan
Jim Lintz
Royal “Mac” McCracken
Kenneth McNenny
Garry A. Moore
William M. Napoli
Ben Nesselhuf
Ed Olson
Jim Peterson
Lee Schoenbeck
Orville B. Smidt
Dan Sutton
Theresa B. Two Bulls

Duane Sutton – ??

With luck, I’ll have the Reps list posted soon.

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Boycott: Sturgis

Update: (11:00a) Email address for Gov. Rounds:

Update: (10:15a) I just learned that Gov. Rounds is up for re-election this year…

From the Sioux Falls Argus Leader:

Republican Sen. Tom Dempster of Sioux Falls said, “This bill ends up being cold, indifferent and as hostile as any great prairie blizzard that this state has ever seen.”


Republican Sen. Stan Adelstein of Rapid City had tried to amend the bill to include an exception for abortions for victims of rape. The amendment lost 14-21.

“To require a woman who has been savaged to carry the brutal attack result is a continued savagery unworthy of South Dakota,” he said.


House Bill 1215 seeks to make abortion a felony but wouldn’t allow charges to be filed against a doctor who performed the procedure during an attempt to save the life of a pregnant woman. (emphasis mine)

This isn’t just a women’s issue. In the end, this is about the rights of each individual to make medical decisions without government interference. Whether it is about abortion or choosing to end life support, the decision is best left to those directly affected.

But, knowing politicians – the almighty dollar speaks louder than any logical argument. So, be sure to point out that, should this boycott succeed, Sturgis will see a 10-15% drop in attendence. A loss of 50,000 attendees and the potential loss of $35 million dollars just might make them sit up and pay attention.

You can contact the SD legislators by email here. It’s an awkward system, and takes time to get through the list. (Sorry!) Be sure to refer to House Bill 1215 when calling or emailing.

Be polite and courteous. Kill them with kindness, as my mother always says.

I’ll be working to find direct email addresses, so we can send bulk mailings (that BCC feature is very handy!) I’ll also be trying to find phone numbers.

Also, contact Governor Mike Rounds.
Send an email: Go to and click the link.
Phone: (605) 773-3212
Send a postcard: Office of the Governor, 500 E. Capitol Ave, Pierre SD 57501

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