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Calling All Bikers II

Let’s get the ball rolling:

Contact Gov. Mike Rounds and let him know how you’ll show your displeasure if he signs this abortion bill. Make it clear that we will boycott all products, goods, and services originating in his state, and boycotting all events held within it – including the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Make it clear that a 10% drop in attendence at Sturgis is a loss of fifty thousand attendees, and also a potential loss of $35 million dollars for businesses in and around Sturgis. (50K attendees x $100 per day, per person x 7 days)

Here’s how you can contact Governor Rounds:

Send an email: Go to and click the link.

Phone the Governor’s office: (605) 773-3212

Send a postcard: Office of the Governor, 500 E. Capitol Ave, Pierre SD 57501

Please be calm and courteous when contacting Mr. Rounds’ office.


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Calling All Bikers

Bikers are a unique group. On one hand, they’re very strong on law and order, patriotism, and doing what’s right. On the other, they’re strong advocates for personal freedom and against government intrusions. Looked down on by the ‘establishment-types’ as “long-haired, tattooed freaks”, but also scorned by the liberals as low-class rednecks, bikers are a class unto themselves.

Now, it’s time to call on them, all of them, to do what’s right. Not just for themselves, but for all Americans. For every person who is tired of being told what to do and how to do it. It’s time to boycott South Dakota.

Many of you are wondering what’s worth boycotting in SD, but the bikers know.

One word.


This year is the 60th Anniversary Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Bike Week is Aug 7-13, 2006, and over half a million people are expected to attend.

But not this year. This year, I’m calling on all bikers to boycott Sturgis, as well as all national sponsors of the Rally – Harley-Davidson, Coca-Cola, Jack Daniels, Snap-On Tools, and Budweiser, to name a few.

I’m calling this boycott to protest the SD legislature’s recent passage of a law banning all abortions with the sole exception being when the mother’s life is in immediate danger.

My goal is a 10% drop in attendence – approximately 50,000 people choosing to spend their money somewhere else. Assuming a miserly $100 spent per person, that’s $5 million dollars that will be lost from businesses in South Dakota. At $100 per person per day – food, lodgings, fuel, snacks, souveniers – we’re talking about a loss of $35 million dollars.

This isn’t just about abortion. This is about unwanted, unwarranted government intrusion into our personal lives. Just as many bikers don’t want their government forcing them to wear helmets, we women don’t want our government forcing us to give birth.

Until the legislature of South Dakota begins to recognize the rights of its citizens to make their own decisions, then South Dakota is dead to those of us in the other 49 states.

Buy beef and pork from other states, get credit cards from a company other than Citicorp, don’t buy a Gateway computer, take vacations in more female-friendly states.

I’m hoping to spread the word around the blogosphere and create a movement similar to what we saw during the Alito hearings. When you realize that a concentrated, organized effort of only FIVE DAYS convinced 25 Senators to vote ‘no’ on cloture, you begin to see the extremely serious effect we can have with nearly 5 months to plan, organize, and protest.

Boycott all goods, all services, and all events originating in South Dakota.

Correction: This year marks the 66th Anniversary of the Rally – not the 60th.

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